You want to improve your internal communications?

We can help you accomplish this. Whether for a single internal medium, in the context of project communication, or in developing a comprehensive IC concept, we cover the whole spectrum.

Building on thorough understanding

Our concepts always build on a thorough analysis of the status quo. For example, we employ focus groups to profile the information needs of the various target groups, and we conduct individual interviews to get a grasp of management‘s expectations. Once we have understood this background, we formulate together with you communication goals and core messages and identify the most effective communication channels.

From concept to implementation

Our concepts are generally drawn up so that you are able to realize them yourself. If indicated, we are glad to see you through implementation as well – right through to holding an internal event or production of print materials.

Our consulting services in the field of internal communications focus primarily on change communication and executive communication. Together with our colleagues at Farner Consulting we also offer integrated solutions for internal and external communication from one source.