What we believe

Change is possible.

Initiating change in an organization is not an easy thing to do. But new ideas can be realized when they are supported by the people in the organization. People are willing to take an active part in this process when they understand it.

Change can be a positive force.

Change is everywhere. In fact, it is impossible not to change. But the outcome is not neutral. It is our goal to utilize the opportunities offered to solve problems and achieve positive effects.

Change has to be managed.

Changes require conscientiously exerting influence on people and systems. But systems have a certain degree of inertia. It takes a “critical mass” to bring about transformation. But the time invested in the process is already part of the solution.

Dialogue is the best path to change.

Changes cannot be dictated, they need to be negotiated and backed by a broad base. There is not one truth, but rather many (equally valid) realities. So dialogue is essential in order to include and enhance the different perspectives.